Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Short and Sweet this Week!

“Thank You Ma’am” by Langston Hughes is about the truly good nature of people, Roger along with the reader would have thought that Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones would have punished him for trying to steal his purse, but instead she bring him into her home and shows him kindness in hopes of teaching him a lesson.

“It’s the Law: A Rap Poem” by S. Pearl Sharp is about bettering yourself in society, through learning how to have respect for yourself and others, once you can this the laws will fall into place and be easy for you to follow.

Lisa Parker’s “Snapping Beans” displays a conversation between an anxious and overwhelmed student and her grandmother, the student feels as if at school she cannot be herself and come into her own because she is so different—she tells her grandmother school is “just fine” but deep down the grandmother knows this is not the case.

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