Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Painting a Community

The time we spend here at Loyola should be the time where we grow as individuals, but as we are building up our resumes and learning about ourselves we should also keep in mind that surrounding us is a community, which is trying to strive along with us. In the beginning of the semester, when everyone was signing up for groups and organizations, I roamed from table to table and came across a group which would go to a nearby location and paint murals at some point in the year. Art has always been a passion of mine and I thought it would make for some easy community service, so without thinking much about it, I wrote my name down. Time went by and I kind of forgot about my obligation until I got an e-mail asking about when I would be free to paint. I was a little hesitant at first to reply since I didn’t know anyone who was going and I didn’t want to intrude on them if they already formed their groups, but I ended up responding and I am so happy I did. When it came down to the day that we were leaving I got to the meeting spot a little early just to find out that I was the first one to show. I stood there awkwardly for a minute and went off to check my e-mail to make sure I got the time right and when I came back everyone was there. I grew nervous again but then realized that everyone seemed a little scared, so instead of us all standing around quietly and shy I started to talk to the girl next to me, and then other people joined along and when it came time for us to go to the school, where we were painting, it seemed as if we were already comfortable with each other. This experience was perfect for any freshman here at Loyola, because when we got there I really felt a sense of community. The kids at the school all suffered some form of family problem and the people who worked there spent their time helping them. As we painted the mural some of the kids would wonder into the room and tell us how good it looked and gave little suggestions and it really made me feel like I was doing something worthwhile. We stood and painted for a few hours and even though I filled my required time I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay and keep those kids happy and it was then that I realized what I learned that night. I learned that you shouldn’t hold back any opportunity since you never know what you will learn, and when you find things to do, you shouldn’t do them just to get some community service under your belt; you should do them because you have a passion for it.

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