Monday, October 4, 2010

illegal immigration

Today I attended a social justice presentation called Illegal Immigration: A Humanitarian Perspective, leaded by Jesus Nebot. Knowing that this is one of the largest social challenges the we in the United States have been facing in recent times, I felt that I should go there and listen to what this man had to say, with the intent that it would change my opinion on how I feel towards the illegal immigrants within the United States. The presentation can be summarized into one word, which can be found in the title, Humanitarian. The basics of the idea which is needed to gain a full understanding for the people living in both situations. Then to be able to form an effective, comprehensive and long lasting solution to solve one of the largest social challenges being faced within the United States. Before listening to the speaker, I would have never grouped the word Humanitarian to anything dealing with illegal immigrants. Just the thought of the world illegal automatically deters this sense of humanitarian out of my thoughts. But most important why is it necessary to promote human welfare for those who are illegally coming into the country, and not trying to help those less fortunate within our own borders first. Mr. Nebot talked of how these immigrants feel out of place and the larger sense of diversity in which people are faced. In my own opinion diversity is a something that everyone faces and so why should one worry about a certain group more than others, especially if they are not legal citizens of the country. I feel I was not as moved by this presentation as much as I initially thought I may have been, mainly because I have never experienced the life that these illegal immigrants have faced within the countries they came from. And from the way things were being described it sounds like most of these people are coming from terrible situations, but then they are moving into nearly the same terrible situations within the United States and causing problems here.

Against my true feelings towards illegal immigrants, this presentation can be related to the readings for today. In O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find, I feel the stories that the speaker of the presentation told can be related. In the sense that these illegal immigrants are feeling out of place and tagged with the term Alien, it can be related to the grandmother within the story. The grandmother was a petty and unpleasant woman at the beginning of the story, but by the end she finds a sense of grace, recognizes her true faith and yields away from her self-center lifestyle right before she is faced with death. She was feeling out of place when she was with her family and was trying to find her true self and faith, and it wasn’t until her death that she accomplished this. From what I learned at the presentation, I feel that these illegal immigrants that are feeling out of place are trying to find a better life for themselves and feel that this country is the best opportunity available to accomplish this challenge.
In Hopkin’s God’s Grandeur, the speaker tells of how human life is being blocked by the modern ways that humans live. By continuous work and the rising importance of the economy and business the true nature of the world, which God created is being changed. This change is negatively affecting the way we live and is changing natures direct reflection of Gods beauty, power and willingness to supply. I feel that this poem can be taken in the sense that this increase in importance of changing the land away from Gods true image is in turn what is creating the situations, which lead these illegal immigrants to travel to the United States.
I have had a hard time grasping the fact for the Humanitarian view that there is a need to promote human welfare, economic equality and social reform just for these illegal immigrants. That this large social situation needs to be taken to the core and it needs to be determined what is best for all people in the situations. Yes, I truly feel that these situations need to be taken care of, and maybe a religious based intention needs to be taken in effect. Justice for all people is what needs to prevail, but the true answer to this problem needs to be found within its countries origins and not in the United States. At first it would appear that these people really need a lot of help, but the questions arise about what happened to the jobs that these people had within these countries. Is there leaving in turn hurting the economy within those countries, and then creating a never-ending cycle? The illegal immigrant situations need to be taken back to its source and the promotion of solutions need to be taken in effect in those areas rather than in the United States, which will allow social justice to prevail and find the best solution to the problems at their core.

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