Monday, September 27, 2010

Reflection: The True Source of Happiness

In “One Word,” “When I consider how my light is spent,” and “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun,” the theme of reflecting upon one’s life is very prevalent. Because of this deep, meaningful reflection by the speakers, the reader is able to truly understand the work of literature, as well as the hardships the speaker was going through when it was written. This is important because it opens us, the readers, up to what is going on in our lives. It allows us to take a second and reflect upon what we have done in life so far, an important part of Jesuit education.

In “One Word,” Liz, the narrator, find herself in Rome. The main idea of this story is that Rome has a word, SEX. This word defines everything going on in the city. The culture, the people, the streets. It affects everything going on there. Liz finds herself caught up in this, trying to force herself into the SEX lifestyle of Rome. She finds herself buying all types of underwear. Only after she buys the underwear does she reflect back and realize this is not her. Her word is not SEX, although she tried to force herself into it. This is a common theme amongst teenagers. I went through this. I tried to find my word. I tried to act like I enjoyed things that I truly did not. But ultimately after thoroughly reflecting on my life just like Liz did, I found my word, SOCIABLE. I did not join one cliché in high school. I hung out with everyone, and experienced everything people had to offer, something I plan to continue this at Loyola.

“When I consider how my light is spent” was written by a blind poet named John Milton. In this poem, he asks the question of how he can for he cannot see, and therefore he cannot serve. A voice comes to him, Patience, and says that God does not need his work, and that he can just stand and wait on him. He says that the best type of servant is that who bears the pain and serves him close. Although I have never had an experience like Milton, I have had similar experiences where I have not been able to help out in situations because of something that I did not have. When I was little, my dad and uncle built a barn in my backyard. I wanted so badly to go up, and start hammering away just like my dad. I wanted to get into the action. But I couldn’t. I had to pass him nails. But even though I wasn’t the essential part in building the barn, I was had a small role, just like Milton does by serving God, by waiting on him.

The main idea of “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun” is that although a man may describe a woman as a beauty of nature, like the sun, but it will never be true. Basically this means that this physical attraction is not truly as real as it seems. It is a lie. The sonnet also says that physical attraction always will diminish because there are so many things that can take away from it, such as other more beautiful things or faults one finds in another. Shakespeare basically says that the only true way to find love is through emotional attractions because that is one thing that can never change, which is something I completely agree about.

In the three works of literature, the ability to open one’s eyes was the main theme. The speakers were able to see through the hardship of life, and pass into a place where they can become joyful and happy. Ultimately, they allowed for me to reflect on my life while I read and wrote about them, and now I am in a happier place.

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